“Thor” DVD to Tease “The Avengers”

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have announced that "Thor" will be smiting your NetFlix queue on September 13th. And you have three options for your Norse beefcake-viewing pleasure:

Standard DVD (they still make those?)

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

And, for those who actually sit dead-center in their living rooms wearing cataract glasses while the rest of their family watches blurry Frost Giants....the all-out 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD combo packs.

But the biggest selling point of the upcoming home video versions is hidden deep within the official press release: "a sneak peek into Marvel's The Avengers." 

What could it be? A teaser trailer? A behind the scenes featurette? A special greeting from Agent Coulson? We don't know. But we are anxious to find out.

The other hinted at special features include a look into the history of Thor within the Marvel Universe (who doesn't want to see a Walt Simonson-style "KRAK-A-THOOOM" in 1080p?), and something described as "an unprecedented look inside the world of director Kenneth Branagh." A tour of his bedroom? His diary? A 3D colonoscopy? The mind boggles!

 No matter what, 'tis an epic release indeed. We'll have a full review on Sept. 13th.

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