Ticketmaster to Facebook: Sit Next to Me!

If you've been deemed not good company for a concert by your Facebook friends, fear not -- you can kick up the annoying factor by poaching a seat next to them via Ticketmaster.

WIth an interactive seating chart, users can see where people in their social graph are going to be entertained at the next concert. The seat map automatically loads with your FB friends highlighted at the event -- but is only shared with people a user indicates.

According to FastCompany, this isn't a play by Ticketmaster to help you grow your relationships. It's really about (wait for it...) money. $5.30 to be exact. That's how much extra revenue Ticketmaster noticed it generated when people shared their ticket purchases on Facebook.

When 40 percent of tickets go unsold to live events -- and your business is selling tickets to live events -- tapping Facebook's 700,000,000 users is a pretty smart play. If a bit creepy. 

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