Apple's Tim Cook Saves Thanksgiving

Apple chief Tim Cook scrapped a plan to keep Apple Stores open on Thanksgiving, saying that "it's important" for employees to spend the holiday with friends and family, according to a report.

Many retailers are opening their stores for Thanksgiving in order to get a jump on Black Friday shopping, and at least 10 Apple stores were also going to stay open, according to ifo Apple Store. It turns out that Apple marketing executives had been wanting to do this for a while and finally got their way -- until Cook found out about it on Wednesday.

Despite marketing's objections, Cook pulled the plug on keeping the stores open on Thanksgiving, saying that it was "important" for workers to be with their families on the holiday.

While some may fault Cook for not being another visionary like Steve Jobs, Cook has created a more perk-filled and less austere workplace. His decision to close Apple stores on Thanksgiving make us realize why he's the highest-rated chief executive that Apple has ever had. 

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