Kristen Stewart Reveals Secret Disguise and Plays ‘Word Blurt' With Jimmy Fallon

Celebrities have developed different methods for eluding those pesky paparazzi. Some wear a disguise and others go as far as hiring a doppelganger.

But one actress has an unconventional cloak. A smile.

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart revealed on the “Tonight Show” Monday, that she actually smiles as a way to hide out in public.

“I went out yesterday and wanted to be able to take a walk around New York without being followed by the paparazzi,” said Stewart, who is renowned for her somber facial expression. “So I went out and was just like ‘ha ha ha ha!'”

The plan, however, didn’t quite work.

“The next day it totally ruined my chances because they said, ‘Ooh we made so much money on those smiling photos,’ and now there’s like 50 people outside [my hotel],” she added.

The usually reticent actress joined Fallon for a hilarious game of “Word Blurt.”

The game comprised of a deck of cards with random words written on them.

“I’m going to flip it over, then we both have to say the first thing that pops into our heads,” Fallon explained. “We’ll find out how much we think alike, cause I think we’re like besties.”

“You have so many besties, I don’t want to hear that anymore,” Stewart quipped.

“I do have a lot of besties,” the host admitted. “We can be besties and not be a best.”

Touché, Fallon. Touché.

The first word was “tequila,” prompting the obvious party connotations of “shot” and “drunk.”

“I’m not very good at the whole improv joke thing,” Stewart lamented, as she struggled to come up with a witty response.

The “American Ultra” actress did manage to insult Fallon, however, when the word “marshmallow” came up and she blurted out “belly.”

“You know, what’s in front of me,” Stewart mumbled pointing to Fallon's mid-section. “Stating the obvious.”

“You are unbelievable,” Fallon responded while sheepishly rubbing his stomach.

The late-night host then decided it would be fun to write their guesses for “Tinder” on boards and reveal them at the same time.

Watch the video above to see what the two “besties” have to say about the social dating app.

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