Tuesday Watch List: Glee! Howie! Fredo!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you sit at home tonight and realize that Adam Lambert and Richard Marx have the exact same singing voice. I’m serious. Give it a listen. It’s uncanny. Have Lambert sing “Right Here Waiting” and you’d never know the difference. LET’S GO!

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! – 8:00PM (NBC) It’s the season premiere of the show you watch because “Idol” isn’t on anymore. Big change this year. David “Snapper Foster” Hasselhoff is off the show, and Howie Mandel is taking his place. Between this show and “Deal Or No Deal,” NBC is now the official lifetime benefactor of the Mandel estate. Howie, by the way, can put a latex glove on his head and inflate it. Just the kind of talent this show is designed to find. ANTICIPATION: HOWIE!

I KNEW IT WAS YOU: REDISCOVERING JOHN CAZALE – 8PM (HBO) It’s an HBO documentary about the legendary and mysterious actor who appeared in just five movies. All of them were Best Picture nominees, and he was excellent in all of them. It’s quite a remarkable resume. He was like the Terrell Davis of cinema. ANTICIPATION: YOU BROKE-A MY HEART!

WIPEOUT BLIND DATE – 8PM (ABC) Remember “Wipeout,” the ABC show that blatantly ripped off the format of Spike’s MXC? Well, that show is back. Kind of. This is a two-hour special featuring people on first dates going through obstacle courses and having people throw giant rubber boulders at them. This is an excellent first date idea. If you like your date, you get to have a good laugh together. If you hate your date, you get to see him fall into a pit of hepatitis mud. You can’t lose! ANTICIPATION: SPORTSCENTER ANCHORS SLUMMING FOR CASH!

GLEE – 9PM (FOX) Thought the TV season was officially over? WRONG! There’s one megahit that still has two weeks left to go. Tonight’s episode is called “Funk,” and it features cover versions of “Good Vibrations” (the Marky Mark one), “Another One Bites The Dust,” and “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” which is such an untrue statement in a world where “Glee” is a ratings juggernaut. ANTICIPATION: FEEL IT FEEL IT! FEEL THE VIBRATION!

LOSING IT WITH JILLIAN – 10PM (NBC) Given the title, I thought this show was about people having nervous breakdowns on camera, which would have been AWESOME. Book Mariah Carey yesterday! But no, this is a show about a personal trainer who travels the country to get fat people to stop being so fat. Tough to be inspired to lose weight at 10PM at night. All I want to do at that hour is go to sleep with a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream beside me. IT DOESN’T JUDGE ME. ANTICIPATION: GUILT!

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