Turkey Accused of Sending Syrians Back to ‘War Zone' as Conflict Escalates

“I can’t remember how many times I have had to move because of the intense bombing and the advance of the Syrian army,” said one father forced to flee

Anas Alkharboutli/picture alliance via Getty Images

The nearly nine-year-long Syrian civil war has faded from headlines amid competing international tensions and crises, but a renewed push by government forces has prompted aid groups to raise the alarm about the "staggering exodus" of people from the country’s northwest, NBC News reports.

Russian-backed Syrian forces have pounded towns and villages in Idlib, the last remaining rebel-held stronghold — forcing at least 150,000 to flee in the past two weeks, according to rights groups.

Meanwhile, neighboring Turkey, which has taken in millions of refugees, is accused of forcing some of them back into the “war zone.”

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