Turn Your Phone Into a Polaroid

A new $99 case will allow your smartphone to print photos instantly, but it's likely you won't have to shake it dry like a Polaroid picture.

The case come from startup Prynt and will retail for $99 but now is being offered for $49 on Kickstarter, according to TechCrunch. The Paris-based startup showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show with a prototype, but now it's developed a case for both the newer iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 that will print photos as they are taken.

Prynt's app also records video of the moment a user takes a photo and then when you see the photo on your camera, it will be overlaid with video. Nifty, but not something you can't live without.

The tiny little pictures you can post around your cubicle, computer or refrigerator are a bit more cute and impulsive -- and likely to be infectious to millennials. The case is kind of a misnomer because it's a bit bigger than just a smartphone case, it's more like fitting your smartphone into a small plastic camera.

Apparently Prynt has thought out its business plan. According to a video interview, the startup not only will make money on the case/printer, but also by selling the photo paper at 10 sheets a pop either online or through the app. If you are a prolific photographer, that means you will be buying several paper packages a month.

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