TV Road Trip: LA’s Starry PaleyFest

Several television casts gather in Hollywood to talk shop, say hi to fans.

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FAVORITE SHOW: Even if you only like television, just a smidge, chances are you've uttered the words "that's my favorite show" at some point in your life. Doesn't matter if it was Carol Burnett or "The Cosby Show" or "Friends" or a daytime drama or a late-night comedy fest, you likely took a shine to a particular televised property at some point in your lifetime. Or, if you're like many a modern person, you have several series you've followed, shows you put a bunch of emotional stake into (and let's not even start on those flirting characters who won't kiss after three seasons). It's a treat, then, a rare treat, when you get to see most of the cast members of your favorite show -- most or all -- gather in one place to discuss their roles, best lines, tricky episodes, and all of the work that goes into building a fictional world that's made for TV-style storytelling. That's what PaleyFest does, and has for a few decades now. It rounds up a dozen or so top casts and show creators and lines up the chairs on stage, and the little bottles of water, too. Then the fans buy tickets and voila! It's a magical night between actor and aficionado.

DATES AND DETAILS: The Paley Center for Media's mega TV spectacular is on at the Dolby Theatre from March 13 through 28 (yes, the very same venue the Oscars just occupied). "Veronica Mars" opens the festival, on March 13 -- a timely choice, given that a film is due -- and PaleyFest favorite "American Horror Story" rounds out the run on March 28 ("Coven," the latest series, gets the focus). And in the middle? "The Mindy Project," "Sleepy Hollow," and a 10th anniversary "Lost" gathering will get the love. Plus lots more. Will fans attend more than one night? You bet. Because while most of us have had a favorite show, plenty of people have multiple series running through their minds -- and on their DVRS -- at any one time.

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