Mom Demands Twitter Reveal Author of Bully Accounts

Pre-suit discovery requests Twitter reveal the identities behind @dreadfulFATchic, @dreadfullyLARGE or face a lawsuit

A fed-up mom in suburban Chicago has gone after Twitter, trying to get the social media company to reveal who was behind a pair of accounts that allegedly impersonated and harassed her daughter.

Rose Martorana-Lollino, of Elmwood Park, claims two accounts -- @dreadfulFATchic and @dreadfullyLARGE -- published "hurtful and slanderous" statements about her underage daughter.

In a pre-suit discovery filed against the San Francisco-based company, Martorana-Lollino said the person or persons behind the pair of accounts impersonated her daughter and posted private information such as her name, her photo, her phone number and the city in which she lives.

On several occasions, the account @dreadfulFATchic posed as the daughter and published Tweets saying “my passion is being fat,” encouraging other Twitter users to “sext” the daughter and offer sex acts, according to the petition.

The account @dreadfullyLARGE referred to the daughter as having bad hygiene, the petition claims.

Both accounts have been suspended.

The petition was filed just one week after two Florida girls, ages 12 and 14, were arrested for allegedly bullying 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick on social media until she committed suicide. Thursday was also "Spirit Day," a day organized the GLAAD to raise awareness and take a stand against bullying.

In her petition, Martorana-Lollino said she wants to know who is behind the accounts because she fears for her daughter's safety.

The petition requests Twitter reveal the identities behind the accounts within 28 days or face a lawsuit.

Twitter, which has policies against impersonation and abuse, would not comment on the petition, but noted the accounts were suspended.

Twitter spokesman Nu Wexler says the company urges users to report abusive behavior and complaints are reviewed by a team that decides what action, if any, will be taken.

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