Trump Meets With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Discusses ‘Health of Public Conversation'

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Tuesday met with President Donald Trump at the White House where they discussed “the health of the public conversation” on the social media platform and ways to respond to the opioid crisis, NBC News reported.

The 30-minute, closed-door meeting, which was confirmed by representatives from both the White House and Twitter, came just hours after the president, a prolific Twitter user, wrote that the platform was "very discriminatory" and claimed it had made it harder for people to "sign on." In a subsequent tweet, Trump claimed his follower count would be higher if Twitter were not "playing their political games."

Trump has been a vocal critic of social media in the past, suggesting at times, and without evidence, that Silicon Valley's social media giants have a bias against conservatives.

Hate speech and vitriol were under the microscope on Capitol Hill Tuesday, at the center of a House Judiciary hearing on white nationalism and the internet. Analysts say white nationalism is on the rise across the country and around the world.
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