Ugly Sweater Season Isn't Over Yet, Deal-Loving Travelers

Planning on a San Francisco jaunt? Pack your loudest jumper and enjoy a room upgrade or discount at Hotel Griffon.

WHEN DOES UGLY SWEATER SEASON CONCLUDE? The only correct answer is "when you say it does," because if you want to wear a jumper absolutely laden in jingle bells and lit-up bulbs in the heat of summertime, you really, really should. Still, even if you're a fan of Christmas in July, you can acknowledge that the height of Ugly-Sweaterdom typically happens around the holidays, when sweaters are required most days and being a bit outlandish, fashion-wise, is almost expected. And, no, the days of donning a reindeer-bedecked top don't necessarily wrap when the yuletide ends; there is New Year's to face, and Three Kings Day, and the occasions that sweep us into early January. Hotel Griffon in San Francisco is embracing that holiday-continuing spirit by giving anyone who shows up in an ugly holiday sweater, and we do mean one that can be seen from 30 yards, and not some elegant green-and-red cardigan, a...

COMPLIMENTARY ROOM UPGRADE... or discounted rate on a room. The deal with this quirky offer? First off, it has all of its bulbs blinking and bells jingling through Monday, Jan. 8, so dally not. Also, this is a "pending availability" kind of offer, of course, so do keep that in mind. But if you're totally into that one sweater that sings "Auld Lang Syne," the knitted turtleneck covered in snowmen, and you haven't worn it nearly enough this season, and you'd dig an overnight in San Francisco before 2018 truly gets in gear, and you like possible deals or upgrades, consider booking a stay at the Embarcadero-based hotel. It isn't often an Ugly Christmas Sweater can help a person in saving money, or with a room upgrade, so don't fa, la, la for long: This deal wraps soon. Sure, you may be wearing that sweater in July, but do rock that loud sweater at the Griffon ahead of Jan. 8.

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