UK OKs Google Glass for Drivers

UK drivers may be allowed to wear Google Glass, according to reports.

Google and the UK's Department for Transport were in talks and the government "softened its stance" on the wearable computers, according to the Glass Almanac which was following a Sunday Times story.

“We have met with Google to discuss the implications of the current law for Google Glass,” the department said. “Google are anxious their products do not pose a road safety risk and are currently considering options to allow the technology to be used in accordance with the law.”

Previously, the UK promised to ban Google Glass for drivers, but so far there have been no laws against using the wearable computer which appears like a pair of glasses fitted over one's eye. Despite the UK's tolerance, it's unlikely to be ruled legal in several US states. More confusing, however, is that a number of Glass applications made for vehicles debuted at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.
It's strange when automakers are developing Google Glass applications for cars and states are vowing to ban drivers from using the device. Google's challenge is making the argument that drivers can use Google Glass safely. Until it can do that, its signature device may be banned from the road -- at least in the United States.
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