Boxer Klitschko to Run For President of Ukraine

Vitali Klitschko, the former heavyweight boxing champion turned one of Ukraine's most galvanizing opposition leaders, will run for the country's presidency, he announced Tuesday, as Kiev struggled to regain its balance following its president's ouster after days of deadly clashes. But Klitschko warned, in his statement on his party Udar's website, that time was of the essence in filling the power vacuum left by outgoing President Viktor Yanukovych, who could face trial in the Hague for the killings of protesters. "People should not have a feeling that politicians seized power once again," Klitschko said. Meanwhile Tuesday, nine Marines were deployed to guard the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, and the country's parliament voted to have Yanukovych — who fled Friday — tried before the International Criminal Court, over his involvement that left scores of people dead last week in street battles with security forces.

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