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United Airlines Agent Cancels Passenger's Reservation for Recording With His Phone

A United Airlines passenger is asking for reimbursement after an airline employee abruptly canceled his reservation for videotaping their interaction at the ticket counter.

As NBC Bay Area reports, the 4 a.m. confrontation occurred at the New Orleans International Airport over the past weekend. Passenger Navang Oza, 37, said he was checking in for his flight home to San Francisco and was told by the ticket agent it would cost $300 to check a bag that had cost him $125 to check on his way there. 

In trying to find out why the cost increased, Oza said, "the lady was being rude.” Oza said he started recording the interaction with his phone, to which the employee objected. In the video, she appears to instruct an agent to her left to “cancel the reservation.”

"I was shocked, because I didn't know she had the right to cancel my flight because I started recording," he said.

The airline apoologized and said it is investigating the incident.

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