US Military Says Withdrawal From Afghanistan 90% Complete

As the U.S. exit from Afghanistan continues, the Taliban have been making significant gains in the country's north

Aerial porters and maintainers load a helicopter.
US Army | via Reuters

As the Taliban make significant territorial gains in northern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Tuesday its exit from the country is more than 90% complete, NBC News reports.

It comes more than two months ahead of the Sept. 11 deadline set by President Joe Biden earlier this year to withdraw U.S. forces from the country and end America’s longest war, which has claimed the lives of around 2,300 American troops.

As part of the withdrawal, the U.S. military said it has flown nearly 1,000 loads of unspecified material out of the country by large cargo aircraft. More than 17,000 pieces of equipment that will not be left to the Afghan military have been handed over for destruction, according to the U.S. Central Command statement.

But as the U.S. exit from Afghanistan continues, the Taliban have been inching closer to the capital, Kabul. Many military outposts have been surrendered without a fight, according to multiple Afghan military and government sources. Earlier this week, Taliban commanders showed off scores of weapons they seized from the Sultan Khil military base in the Wardak province close to Kabul.

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