Vegas Thrill Ride Takes a Leap

Here's one way of looking at it: you spend $120 for the chance to kill yourself. Maybe not from the ride, but by the heart attack it may cause.

The Stratosphere Hotel has opened their latest heart-pumping, tower-top thrill ride and this time they kept it simple. You just jump off.

Called the SkyJump Las Vegas, the new attraction lets guests leap off the 855 foot tower and descend in a controlled fall to the bottom.

Riders -- or jumpers -- are given a brief safety lesson and then suited up in Stratosphere’s custom "jump suits." Jumpers are then connected to a patented high-speed "descender" machine and led to the edge of a small platform.

From there, nerves willing, they leap off the tower and descend the 100+ story height of Stratosphere at 40mph. Guide wires keep riders from straying off course.

As jumpers descend, the machine slows the rider down, bringing them to a controlled and safe landing.

The cost of the jumps start around $120 and comes with a DVD of the event.

A change of underwear is not included.

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