Verizon Will Get Next IPhone at the Same Time as AT&T

AT&T customers will be very sad this summer because there will be no new iPhone release. Instead, Apple's expected to release the next iPhone sometime in September. Verizon says that it's getting the next iPhone at the same time as AT&T. This corroborates with the news that the iPhone 5 is a CDMA/GSM world phone.

Here's the the word straight from Verizon's chief financial official Fran Shammo:

"When the next iPhone model launches Verizon will be able to offer it at the same time as AT&T. Verizon's version will also work in as many countries as AT&T's iPhone, which has global coverage."

That's good, because having two versions of the same iPhone was sort of confusing for a lot customers, especially since the Verizon iPhone 4 can't do voice and data at the same time. It also screwed with the product release cycle.

Shammo also plays it coy by saying that there might not be a 4G LTE version of the iPhone 5. So, next iPhone is a world phone, no 4G. Got it. It better come in white at launch this time around too.

Reuters, via MacRumors

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