Virginia Girl, 14, Loved Burrito So Much She Took ‘Wedding' Photos With It

What if you loved a burrito so much you married it? A teenager in Loudoun County, Virginia, loved a burrito so much she had beautiful, backlit "wedding" photos taken with it.

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Laura René Photography
Laura René Photography
Photographer Laura René and her family were having make-your-own burrito night at their home in Round Hill, Virginia, late last month when her 14-year-old daughter, Emma, took a bite of her chicken burrito with guacamole and chipotle hot sauce and went into a reverie.

n"She looked at me after taking a bite and said, 'I really want to marry this burrito. I would give anything to marry this burrito,'" René said by phone Friday.
Laura René Photography
EMPTY_CAPTION"Then, she turned her head kind of creepily and said, 'I know what we're doing next weekend. I have to marry this burrito. I'm in love with him. We have to do a burrito photo shoot. I need it to look like a real wedding,'" René recalled.
Laura René Photography
A few days later, the eighth-grader put on a floral dress and a flower crown for the photo shoot. René built an arbor out of florist supplies and sticks they picked up on their farm.
Laura René Photography
René said she shot the burrito wedding photos just like she shoots real family and event photos.
Laura René Photography
EMPTY_CAPTION"My whole style is very light and airy," she said.
Laura René Photography
In several photos, Emma sweetly kisses the burrito. In another, she presses it to her cheek.
Laura René Photography
Technically, Emma's wedding photos were not taken with the actual burrito she loved so much. She ate it. And her 10-year-old brother ate all the leftovers. So, the photos were taken with an XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito she and her mom got from Taco Bell. But the sentiment was the same, René said.
Laura René Photography
Shooting burrito wedding photos is better than shooting regular wedding photos, René said. "Shooting an actual wedding, you're always under a time crunch. People at actual weddings tend to be pretty stressed," she said. "This wedding was very simple and filled with a lot of strange burrito love and laughter."
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