Google's Larry Page Named ‘CEO of the Year'

Wall Street's view of Google chief executive Larry Page has done a 180, and he's been named CEO of the Year by Investor's Business Daily for his company reorganization, launch of new projects and its Motorola acquisition.

Wasn't this the same guy that Wall Street and pundits said needed "a personality transplant," had "no strategy," and the Wall Street Journal made fun of his overuse of "excited"? In short, as we wrote back in April, neither Wall Street nor shareholders liked his quick-hit, quick-split appearance at the company earnings call in April and shares dropped. (Page is often called a bit socially awkward, with terms like "Asperger's Syndrome" thrown out to explain his non-interaction with people.)

However, Page learned from his initial mistakes and on the next earnings call in July and managed to sound happy to be there, stuck around and answered questions -- and the shares, and Wall Street analysts, responded. Add in the launch of Google Offers, social network Google+ and the Motorola takeover, it's been a very interesting eight months for Page and Google. 

Not only has Page managed to reorganize and centralize Google's power as CEO, but he also still pays attention to details.

Behind the scenes, Page tries to make sure they live up to the billing. With the fervor of an exterminator, he examines Google's software programs for bugs — and sends email queries to his management staff when misfires occur.

In short, Page has the focus of a great leader, provided he remembers to keep communicating and meeting with people. 

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