Wanderu Helps You Book a Bus (With Wi-Fi, Of Course)

Buses are ideal for millennials because they have electrical outlets, wi-fi, and like Uber, it allows someone else to do the driving, said the chief executive of a new travel application.

"About seven years ago, new companies came into the marketplace like Megabus which had outlets plus wi-fi," Polina Raygorodskaya, chief executive of the Boston-based Wanderu, told Press:Here. "It attracted the younger generation -- the generation less likely to own cars."

The new private buses like Megabus and Boltbus, along with the revamped Greyhound, are part of the resurgence of bus travel. Raygorodskaya's new app, Wanderu, lets users plan their point-to-point travel with more than 50 travel partners including buses and trains.  "The reason why Lyft and Uber is successful is because people don't want to drive," she said. "They want to be driven around."

Users buy the tickets on the site and it seems to work well for the bus companies, she said. "Bus travel is very last-minute," she said. "The last three hours before a bus departure is when most people book."

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