She's Got a Plan for That: Warren Tries to Break Out With Flurry of Policy Proposals

When voters ask Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her plan for universal child care, she's likely to launch into a story about her Aunt Bee

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has churned out a consistent stream of policy proposals since getting in the president race, with more than a dozen in-depth plans ranging from leveraging public lands in the fight against climate change to student loan debt forgiveness, NBC News reports. But while the consistent flurry of policy papers puts meat on the bone for reporters, as well as puts the pressure on fellow candidates, are voters clamoring for specifics?

For Warren, perhaps nowhere does the answer to that question matter more than in Iowa — where she’s banking on consolidating support to springboard her into the top tier of candidates in the state's first-in-the-nation caucuses early next year.

In more than a dozen conversations over three days recently at events for multiple candidates, including Warren, voters told NBC News they wanted to hear specifics before making their choice — and that Warren was cementing herself as "the policy candidate" in the field.

"(Warren)'s the plan girl right now, isn't she?" Keith Kuper of Ackley told NBC News Saturday in Iowa Falls. "She really has specifics, plans on almost everything." 

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