Watch the First 5 Minutes of “Get Him to the Greek”

With the release of "Get Him to the Greek" just a day away, the first five minutes of the film have been made available for your viewing pleasure.

"Greek" stars Russell Brand reprising his role of rocker Aldous Snow from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," and Jonah Hill as a record company lackey who has 72 hours to get Snow from London to the Greek theater in LA for a concert.

The clip, which comes equipped with an age verification thingymabob to protect the kids from dirty words, comes from the guys at Funny or Die, and features Snow and his wife, Jackie Q (a piping hot Rose Byrne), promoting their laughably offensive single, "African Child."

It's definitely worth checking out. We saw the film on Monday (the review is almost ready) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a rollicking good road film that, despite going off the rails a bit towards the end, had the audience laughing its collective ass off. And lest you think we're shilling for our corporate partners at Universal, trust us, we're not, we don't do that.

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