Wedding Ring, Other Belongings Missing for Man Killed in Bike Crash, Wife Blames Hospital

Daniel Lusteg was struck by a car while trying to merge lanes on his bike and later died

The wife of a 61-year-old man who was hit by a car while biking and later died is trying to find his last belongings, like his wedding ring, that she said were lost in the hospital he was taken to.

Daniel Lusteg died on August 4, and his wife, Rita, was left to pick up, or even find, the pieces.

Rita Lusteg posted to Facebook on August 17, giving an update to friends:

“In the chaos of trying to save his life the hospital has lost his possessions, wedding ring, watch, etc. … after two weeks we are beginning to lose hope they will be found.”

She posted again five days later:

“I appreciate all your many prayers, but wanted to update you on Dan's belongings, they have not been found so I need to put in a claim with the hospital.”

Daniel Lusteg was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital where he later died, according to his wife.

The hospital cannot confirm or deny if Daniel Lusteg was a patient due to privacy laws, said Jennifer Chatfield, a spokesperson for Sharp Memorial Hospital.

However, Chatfield said claims of lost property are investigated thoroughly.

“We leave no stone unturned,” she said. “We understand these items are super precious to them.”

When a claim is filed, every single caregiver, technician, nurse, and person who came in contact with the patient during their stay is investigated, according to Chatfield.

Some cases may be more difficult to find a patient’s belongings than others. It all depends on how many people were close to the patient and how long they stayed at the hospital.

“Someone who comes in an ambulance in an emergency situation is a little different story than someone who walks in,” Chatfield told NBC 7. She added that, “We take each case seriously,” regardless of difficulty.

Sharp Memorial Hospital has been able to recover missing items for patients in the past, said Chatfield.

Rita Lusteg and her husband opened a hair salon in 1990 called Shear Illusions Salon and Spa, according to the company’s website. The two opened a second location in 2014.

Rita Lusteg spoke with the San Diego Union-Tribune, where she talked about everything from her husband’s professional bowling career to his faith.

Daniel’s family held a service at Journey Community Church in La Mesa on August 12.

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