Weekend Watch List: “Breaking Bad” Is Here to Save Your Summer

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and say goodbye to the Harry Potter movies. Goodbye, Harry Potter movies! Until Hollywood runs out of ideas and reboots the franchise with a new cast and makes the same eight movies all over again. LET’S GO!

BREAKING BAD – 10:00PM Sunday (AMC) After the wretched debacle that was “The Killing” (which scored Emmy nods! What on Earth?…), AMC gets back into the business of making GOOD television with the season-four premiere of what many say is the finest show on TV. I wouldn’t know, because “Breaking Bad” is one of those shows I was late to the party to for reasons that escape me, and so now I have to find time to sit down and catch up. And I will. If I have to saw off a limb, I will watch every episode of this show because I know full well that it will be worth it. I say this as someone who’s just finishing “The Wire” NOW, a zillion years after I should have watched it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you’re a single person with plenty of free time on your hands, get caught up and into “Breaking Bad” fast as you can. I already know you won’t be sorry, and I’ve never watched an episode. ANTICIPATION: METH!

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – 8:00PM Tonight (NBC) Another quality TV alert, and yet another show that I regret not finding time for. "FNL" ends its illustrious run this evening, so say goodbye to Coach Taylor and all the rest. Oh, Tami Taylor...You so fine. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

ZEN: VENDETTA – 9:00PM Sunday (PBS) MORE quality TV, this time on PBS, with a new murder mystery starring the sadly underutilized Rufus Sewell (go rent “Dark City” now if you don’t believe me). Sewell plays an Italian police detective, which sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I’m told that Italian policemen do, in fact, exist. Lot of high praise for this one in advance, so keep it in mind. ANTICIPATION: ITALIA!

CYBERBULLY – 8:00PM Sunday (ABC Family) A teenage girl (Emily Osment) falls prey to online bullying in this TV movie, featuring Kelly Rowan as the mom. Kelly Rowan! I wondered what happened to her after “The OC,” and now I know. She’s mostly unemployed! ANTICIPATION: ROWAN!

BIG RICH TEXAS – 9:00PM Sunday (style) Yesterday, we brought you “Texas Women,” CMT’s new “Housewives” ripoff featuring four Texas ladies. Well, not to be outdone, The Style Network brings you another series in the same vein, but with FIVE spoiled Texas ladies and their brat daughters. Take that, CMT! Everything is bigger in Texas when Texas is on Style! ANTICIPATION: TEXASY!

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