Whisper Calls Guardian Piece “Pack of Lies”

Whisper executives have called a Guardian article "a pack of vicious lies"  after it reported that the "anonymous" app tracks user locations and gave the government information on users.

A spokeswoman for Whisper contacted :Press:Here and emailed the following statement:

Whisper does not collect nor store any personally identifiable information from users and is anonymous. There is nothing in our geolocation data that can be tied to an individual user and a user’s anonymity is never compromised. Whisper does not follow or track users. The Guardian’s assumptions that Whisper is gathering information about users and violating user’s privacy are false.

Despite Whisper's opposition and vitriol, the Guardian stands by its story by stating that Whisper has "built an in-house mapping tool to pinpoint the location of the 80% of users who opt into its geolocation services" within a 500 meter radius. 

The rest of the back-and-forth seems to be arguments about definitions, but the upshot is that Whisper is doing an amazing amount of public outrage and damage control. Will that be enough to keep the Federal Trade Commission from investigating its business practices? Time will tell.

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