Out of Touch? Whitman, Poizner Whiff on Softball Question

How do you know Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner lead lives very different from our own? When the two Republican gubernatorial candidates completely whiff a softball question about how they can possibly understand the concerns of average, working Californians.

Both answers are unintentionally hilarious, because each sought to emphasize humble roots even though they aren't so humble.

Whitman talked about how she and her husband, a neurosurgeon, came to California in 1981 with nothing except his internship at the University of California San Francisco, which is only one of the world's leading medical research institutions, and her own job at a major international consulting company. With those meager starts, how did those two crazy kids ever make it out of the projects?

Poizner emphasized that he had nothing until he launched Silicon Valley companies that employed a number of people. That nothing included a business degree, and a job at... a major international consulting company.

Those consulting jobs must be hell.

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