Late-Night Skit Creates Drama for High School Teacher

Reports Friday night suggest he'll be able to return to the classroom

A teacher who dropped his towel on "The Tonight Show" was suspended from a Southern California Christian high school.

Steve Endemano bared his backside during a bit in which "The Tonight Show" puts together a "sizzle reel" to dramatize an audience member’s life.

Centering on Endemano as an 64-year-old avid cyclist, the skit poked fun at age and steroid use. The scene, embedded below, culminated in a scene showing Endemano’s pixelated rear in a locker room.

Endemano told Jay Leno he teaches Bible study, physics and calculus.

A Facebook page titled “Justice for Mr. Steve Endemano” reported Thursday night that the teacher will be allowed to return to his classroom at Whittier Christian High School.

Calls to Endemano and the school district for comment were not returned by the time of publication.

After last week's suspension, Endemano’s students and their parents have taken to Facebook.

Some said the skit’s ending wasn’t all that funny. Others commented that the teacher looked great without a shirt.

But most said they supported the veteran teacher of 34 years. And his suspension was too harsh of a punishment for a late night joke.

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