Why Stay Overnight? The Best Brief Stays in NYC

Here on 1st Look, we don't shy away from luxury. But sometimes, all you need is a quick fix, and the cheaper the better. When it comes to hotels in the Big Apple, things can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. You don’t always need 24-hour concierge service or a rooftop bar. Is it always necessary to have a gold-plated five-star restaurant in the lobby? No, sometimes all you need are a few hours in a home away from home. Here are some of the best flat rate / by-the-hour hotels in New York City.
Manhattan at Times Square Hotel
This former Sheraton Hotel will allow for any guest to rent a vacant room until 5PM for a flat rate of $140. While the lack of room service can hurt one’s stay, the fitness center and gym can help if you need a midday workout. 
790 Seventh Ave at 51st St / 212-581-3300
Hourly rates are unavailable at this ritzy hotel, but if you have around $300 to spend you can snag one of their vacant rooms for the day. Although the price is steep, you’ll be buying your weight in luxury and discretion.
301 Park Ave between 49th and 50th Sts / 212-355-3000

Herald Square Hotel
It doesn’t get much more reasonable than $65 for three hours. You certainly won’t be getting marble -opped jacuzzis, but you are able to have a “short stay” anywhere from 8AM all the way until midnight. One is restricted to walk-in booking availability, but if you do get a room, at least you can do some laundry!
19 W 31st St between Fifth Ave and Broadway / 212-279-4017

Hilton New York
This is another classy establishment that offers flat rates on vacancies until 6PM. Savings are on these rooms can be as high as fifty percent, which is nice considering that rooms can start at $329 a night. This restaurant is a mainstay for the business crowd, but if you can afford these rates for a way to kill your layover, you should fit right in.
1335 Sixth Ave at 53rd St / 212-586-7000

Manhattan Broadway Hotel
For the economically conscious who don’t mind sacrificing cleanliness, this stop may be just your ticket. Fairly straightforward rooms will only run you $65 for two hours, and every additional hour is only an extra $10.
273 W 38th St at Eighth Ave / 212-921-9791

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