Why Would Rick Perry Tell Californians the Truth?

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Maybe Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who made a swing through California this week amidst speculation he might run for president, is giving good advice to Californians about jobs.

But if I were Perry, I wouldn't tell Californians the truth about how to create more jobs. And as a Californian, I'm not sure why I believe him.

After all, Texas is an economic competitor. And Perry has made great show of his efforts -- which included previous trips here -- to steal companies and jobs from Calfiornia.

That's good for him and for his state--he's the governor of Texas, not California.

But it's a bit peculiar for GOP legislators to meet with him, as they did Thursday, as though he were some job expert.

He may good ideas about job creation. But why exactly would he be sharing his secrets with us?

That said, California needs to learn from Texas, and other states and countries, about how to improve economic policies, as well as budgeting and other acts of governance at which we're failing.

Perry simply may not be the most reliable source.

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