Winter's Night Adventure: Winchester Flashlight Tour

Join a special Friday the 13th event at the San Jose manse.

A FROSTIER FRIDAY THE 13TH: Fans of fright films and eeky books might claim that the best month for a Friday the 13th to fall is, well, October. That's not too surprising, as this happens every-so-often event is tied to eerie occurrences in many minds. But we don't control the calendar, nor can we choose how the days of the week and the dates of the month will fall, so matching up the 13th day of October with a Friday is out of all of our hands. But, there's good news, lovers of ghosty goings-on: October 2017 will have a Friday the 13th, which doesn't happen every year. It isn't the only Friday the 13th on the upcoming year's schedule, however: January has one, too. It feels like an unlikelier pairing, the first full month of winter and a Halloween-y happening, but happen it shall. And, as is tradition, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose will note the occasion with a special nighttime event. It's the...

FLASHLIGHT TOUR, which includes a souvenir flashlight and a 55-minute opportunity to poke around Sarah Winchester's mega manse. It's a house that's full of phantoms, both of the historical sort and, maybe, according to legend, the vaporous, ether-light sort, too. And while the plentiful-of-room landmark is visitable during the daytime all year long, flashlight tours only happen during October and, as mentioned, every Friday the 13th. Do you think you'll have too much to do when October's Friday the 13th rolls around? Best get your Friday fright-y fun in on January 13 at the world-famous attraction.

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