Wolcott Man Attacks School Bus That Woke Him Up: Cops

A 55-year-old man threw snow and ice at a school bus in Wolcott, Connecticut, pried open the driver's door and yelled at the driver because the bus idling on his street woke him up Thursday morning, according to police.

Police said the school bus was stopped on Woodward Drive in Wolcott around 7:30 a.m. waiting to pick up a student who attends Bristol Technical High School. It was the driver's first stop of the morning and she was alone on the bus.

While the bus was waiting, Keith Patzlaff, 55, stormed out of his nearby home and started yelling at the driver, according to police.

The driver closed her window, and Patzlaff began pounding on it and trying to force it open. When he couldn't, he started throwing snow and ice at the bus and pulling on the windshield wipers, according to police.

At that point, the driver called her supervisor, who contacted police.

Patzlaff then went around the back of the bus and tried to get inside through the rear emergency door. He couldn't, so he approached the driver's side door and forced it open. Police said they arrived to find Patzlaff and the driver yelling at each other.

According to police, Patzlaff told officers he'll do the same thing every day if the bus comes back onto his street.

Patzlaff, who police said is not a stranger to the department, was arrested and charged with breach of peace. His bond was set at $2,500.

"The Wolcott Police Department will not tolerate any negative, alarming conduct directed at Students, Schools or School Buses," Wolcott Police Chief Edward Stephens said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

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