“Wonder Woman” Shelved: Anybody Wanna Buy an Amazon?

"Will Fight Injustice For Food."

Despite causing huge internet buzz thanks to leaked production photos, "Wonder Woman" appears to have been passed over by NBC and is now seeking another network home.

The show, developed by "Ally McBeal" creator David E. Kelley and Warner Bros. TV, was not among the list of pick-ups and renewals released by NBC and, according to Entertainment Weekly, the word is that the pilot was a little sub-par.

This doesn't mean the show is dead, however, as Warner Bros. may try and shop the pilot elsewhere. With "Smallville" coming to an end, maybe the CW wouldn't mind adding a little Themysciran magic to their line-up? Have her fight a DinoOctoTigerBearsauraus and SyFy will take it!

C'mon...somebody has to agree with us that Adrianne Palicki in this needs to be on our TVs. A lot.

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