Woz: Apple Should Make Android Phone

Apple founder Steve Wozniak would like Apple to create its own line of Android phones.

“There’s nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market,” said Wozniak, who was at the Apps World North America conference in San Francisco. “We could compete very well. People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings. We could play in two arenas at the same time.”

Wozniak is no longer involved in company operations, but seemed to think a new Android phone would be possible and relatively easy to do. Android is open-source code, and Apple could create its own Apple-fied version for its signature phones or devices.

Wozniak's idea isn't a bad one, but Apple's identity is known for high-end products. Its latest venture into cheaper iPhones didn't seem to catch on, so more cheaper smartphones may not be in its future.

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