Woz Watches Last Shuttle

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak witnessed the last shuttle he will ever watch launch into space -- but it's hardly his first.

"I've been to three of these," he said.

It was, however, his new wife's first experience watching a launch from Kennedy Space Center.

"When you see it in person, you hear it, you feel it, you're in a very nice viewing site, it is so much more beautiful than any picture you could ever see in your life," he explained.

Woz watched the launch from NASA's Operations Support Building 2, according to his FourSquare check in.

OSB II (in NASA speak) is a large office building with an observation deck that has an enviable view of the launch pad. A NASA spokeswoman said the observation deck is "available to family and very close friends" of the space program.

When we pointed out he had just seen the last shuttle launch ever, Woz was sanguine.

"Who knows what's in the future. We all have it in us to learn where we call came from and what's out there, and that's NASA's territory."

As for Mrs. Woz? "My wife was brought to tears. That's what it does to people."

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