Worker Sues Google CEO Larry Page For Injuries

A man working on the remodel of Google chief executive Larry Page's yacht claimed he suffered bleeding eyes, ears, vomiting and ongoing medical problems, according to Alameda County court documents.

After vomiting and bleeding eyes, he was told by his supervisor to "stop being a baby" and get back to repainting Page's 193-foot yacht Senses Georgetown, Courthouse News reported. The worker, James Grupinski, sued Page, Modern Mud and HF Interior for personal injuries last week in Alameda County Court. Grupinski was hired by HF Interior to "remodel, refinish and repaint the yacht's interior," according to court documents.

Grupinski's claim contends that he worked 12-hour days without adequate ventilation and wasn't given necessary safety equipment from his supervisor who was identified as "Heidi" who threatened to fire him when he complained. After being made to strip paint with a "highly toxic petrochemical that had been discontinued" Grupiniski alleged that he passed out and was bleeding from his eyes, ears and rectum, but after telling his supervisors he wanted to go to the hospital, they instead told him to "stop being a baby" and to drink milk. The complaint alleges he was fired the next day.

Grupiniski claims he still suffers from the injuries and is receiving ongoing treatment for "seizures, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neuropathy" and other problems. Courthouse News couldn't reach the defendants for comment.

While Page wasn't on the yacht and likely didn't know what was going on, it doesn't mean he's without any responsibility. If there's merit to this case, Page will have to take greater pains to find adequate remodelers who treat their workers well.

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