Caught on Camera: Two Men Ransack Bedroom at Yasiel Puig's Home

The burglary was the second reported in the last two months at the home of the Dodgers' outfielder

Two men can be seen on security camera video ransacking a second-floor bedroom at the San Fernando Valley home of Yasiel Puig before they tried to drag a safe from the home in a burglary last week. 

The Los Angeles Police Department released 30 seconds of the video Wednesday in an effort to find the burglars in the Sept. 18 theft, the fourth burglary reported at a home of the Dodgers' outfielder and the second in two months. Puig was not at the Encino home at the time.

With a security alarm blaring, two burglars can be seen on the video as they look for items in the bedroom. After finding the safe in a corner, one man be heard calling for his accomplice who gleefully rushes to help.

They dragged the safe downstairs, through the living room and out the front entrance, but ended up leaving the safe on the property, police said.

A third person was likely waiting for the two men outside in a vehicle, police said.

No arrests were reported Wednesday.

The men are believed to be the same individuals wanted in an Aug. 30 burglary at the same home.

In March of 2017, a Sherman Oaks house belonging to Puig was targeted in a burglary that resulted in the loss of about $170,000 worth of jewelry. He was at spring training with the team in Arizona. In November of 2017, the residence was burglarized following a Game 7 loss to the Houston Astros in the World Series.

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