Yosemite Ski Fun: Early Bird Pass

Purchase your pass before Sept. 1 and look forward to a winter full of schussing and snowy good times.

Yosemite Hospitality

EARLY BIRD SEASON PASS: Travelers may have flocked to Yosemite National Park in recent days all to look up, while wearing the appropriate solar filter glasses, in the general direction of our nearest star. A star, you may have heard, that had a "visitor" of sorts when the moon passed in front of it, at least from our terrestrial viewpoint. (No, the moon didn't actually visit the sun, though if someone would like to turn that into a kid's book, that would be mighty cute.) Fairly soon, though, Yosemite fans will be looking up to see something quite different in the destination, and something that's notably colder than the sun: snowflakes. The cold, frosty stuff does fall in the spectacular national park, which makes getting a little schussing in, and some rad boarding, a fine pursuit come the iciest stretch of the year. If you're hoping to spend some quality, wind-rushing, woohoo-ing time at Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area, take note that the Early Bird Season Pass is on sale, oh yes siree. But the sale wraps on...

FRIDAY, SEPT. 1, 2017, so you won't want to wait on those first snowflakes to fall to purchase your Early Bird Season Pass. Now check out this astounding number: You'll "(s)ave over $350" if you act like the early bird and buy your pass now at $99. Regular price? It's $461. That deserves a mitten wave, or a ski twirl, or something as celebratory, because deals don't arrive much sweeter, regardless of their category. That $99 price, by the by, is good for all age groups, except for kids age 6 or under, who can join in for free (yes, they'll need to be with a paying adult). Details? Ski this way. Looking up at Yosemite? It doesn't only happen during eclipses. Snowflakes turn our chins skyward, too, and waterfalls, and Half Dome, and El Capitan...

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