You Can Train Google Now

Google is now letting users train Google Now by letting them correct it when it mishears voice commands.

Voice recognition software can be less than accurate (we've all heard about a frustrating episode with Apple's Siri) so users can now correct Google Now's gaffes into passable English, according to CNET. A person merely needs to correct it by saying, "No, I said . . ." and then repeat the part that's incorrect.

For example, when I asked Google Now, "Where is Santa Maria?" it failed to hear "Maria" and instead showed me results for "Where is Santa?"

When I then said, "OK, Google" followed by "No, I said 'Santa Maria,'" Google Now was smart enough to relate the correction to the previous query, plug it in to the right spot, and run the revised search.
In the end, Google Now learned what it was supposed to be looking for and found it. The feature is ready to be used on any device with Google Now, so users can  begin training their smartphone and software to hear what they're saying.
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