San Francisco

Zumper Rental App Aims to Take Users “From Search to Close”

San Francisco is one of the most expensive rental markets in the nation, with the median rent around $3,200 a month, according to Zumper, a rental search app.

"The housing demand continues," Zumper chief executive Anthemos Georgiades told Press: Here. "With the tech boom and the constricted supply, San Francisco is trends above Manhattan."

An up-and-coming neighborhoods where a one-bedroom apartment can still be had under $2,000 a month exist is the Lower Haight. Georgiades said. Russian Hill is the highest. Because of the prices, he also said that may are moving to the East Bay and Peninsula for lower prices.

Zumper's main claim to fame is its search function for apartments and rentals, but Georgiades said Zumper's aim is to take it further. "We're not interested in just search," he said. "We're interested in one-year leases. . . . (We're) going to take you from search to close."

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