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Keith Olbermann Calls on Jean Quan to Resign

Political commentator says Oakland mayor's handling of Occupy movement is scary.



    Keith Olbermann Calls on Jean Quan to Resign
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    Keith Olbermann thinks Oakland Mayor Jean Quan should step down for her handling of Occupy Oakland.

    Political commentator Keith Olbermann has never been one to mince words and Wednesday he did not stutter when he offered Oakland Mayor Jean Quan some advice.

    Resign he said. The words were more a demand than a suggestion.

    The left-leaning talking head used his infamous special commentary to rant on Quan's handling of the Occupy Oakland dismantling.

    Olbermann said Quan had "betrayed everything she had supported and all those who supported her" but going from the front lines of the Oscar Grant protests to the one trying to shut down a peaceful protest on the same street corner just months later.

    He equated Quan's leadership to those of mayors who cracked down on anti-Vietnam war and civil rights protests.

    Olbermann suggests that if the violence that took place in Oakland does not end now that it could escalate to more violent reactions and possibly the death of innocent and non-violent protesters.

    He does say that not all the blame can be placed on Quan, which is a sentiment that she seemed to echo.

    The mayor was in Washington when the crack down was ordered and said her involvement on the handling of the situation was limited. also put out a video Thursday attacking Quan's leadership skills and urging people to demand that she stop police brutality.

    You can watch the full video for yourself.