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Petition to Recall Mayor Jean Quan To Hit Streets Soon

Can 19,800 Opponents of Quan Be Found in 160 Days?



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    Jean Quan was elected thanks to rank choice voting. She may be removed due to an up-down recall vote.

    It's time to throw the bum out for many Oakland residents -- as long as 19,800 of them can be found.

    Mayor Jean Quan has been in office for about ten months, and has not had much on her resume aside from the messy, internationally-known Occupy Oakland saga. That's enough for an attorney named Gene Hazzard to lead a committee whose purpose is to remove Quan from office, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    A recall petition has been written and approved by the Oakland City Clerk's Office, the newspaper reported, and Hazzard and his underlings will have 160 days to collect 19,800 signatures to put a recall on the Oakland ballot. Then, if a majority of voters wish to have Quan removed, she'll be sent home.

    However, there's a hitch, as the Chronicle's Matier and Ross report: there are actually two committees on the move to remove Quan. The second, Committee to Recall Jean Quan and Restore Oakland, may collect signatures but only Hazzard may submit them.