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49er Santa Clara Move Inches Closer To End Zone



    49er Santa Clara Move Inches Closer To End Zone
    Cheerleaders perform during an NFL football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars in San Francisco.

    To put it in football terms, the effort to bring the San Francisco 49ers to Santa Clara completed two long passes which converted to a first down overnight.

    The Santa Clara city council voted to put the matter to the voters next June and officially ratified the environmental impact report.  The EIR is a big hurdle because it removes the danger of someone finding an endangered frog or slug that might get killed in the construction project.

    But, the owners of Cedar Fair threw a penalty flag of sorts just as the play was completed.

    Lawyers for the Great America theme park filed a lawsuit.  They said they want to negotiate a deal that addresses the inevitable disruptions that will happen during construction and on days that games and events are held at the new stadium.

    "We continue to be disappointed that Cedar Fair doesn't see the tremendous advantages of having an NFL stadium right next to their theme park and the ability to bring in all these fans from all over the place that could benefit their business as well. The other businesses in the area are very gung ho wanting to make this happen, so we're hoping Cedar Fair will eventually see the light and agree with us," said Lisa Lang, spokesperson for the 49ers.

    Santa Clara city leaders said they are working closely with Cedar Fair to alleviate their concerns, adding the suit was unnecessary.

    The Mercury News saw a Dec. 3 letter from the park's attorney that showed exactly what they want.  The letter suggested the city lower or cancel the park's $5.3 million yearly rent and replace it with a fee based on the park's revenue.

    The team and the city want to build a 68,500-seat stadium off Tasman near its current training facility.

    Lori Preuitt lives in Santa Clara and can feel the weight of the fliers already that are sure to fill her mailbox.