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Attack of the Campaign Ads

Carly Fiorina's ad focused on incumbent may dangerously presume a primary victory



    Attack of the Campaign Ads
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    San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has responded to attacks on her record from primary rival, Facebook lawyer Chris Kelly, with her own attack on that company's privacy policy.

    Can you smell that? That's the smell of desperation for your votes from statewide candidates in the primary election less than a week away!

    It has notes of burning money mixed with anxious sweat. And it comes with visual aids in the form of campaign commercial after campaign commercial.

    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who seems to have former Congressman Tom Campbell on the ropes in the Republican primary to challenge incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer, doesn't even bother to mention her primary opponents in her latest television spot, instead challenging Boxer.

    Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, dueling in the Democratic primary to challenge incumbent Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, have taken to the airwaves. Hahn goes with the family connections to Dr. Martin Luther King, and a subtle dig on her opponents as "ambitious career politicians:"

    While Newsom says he helped "create one of the greenest cities on earth" in San Francisco:

    The Democratic Primary for the Attorney General Jerry Brown's job is also getting interesting, as Facebook lawyer Chris Kelly has been gaining on San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, with vicious -- and possibly misleading -- attack ads.

    Harris has fired back with a slickly produced ad, attacking Kelly over his help crafting Facebook's controversial privacy policy:

    As for that new ad from Attorney General Jerry Brown? Don't hold your breath waiting for it to appear on TV -- seems it's likely to remain an online exclusive.

    Jackson West doesn't actually have a television, and prefers to study the YouTube view counts.

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