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Bay Area Still Without a 1 Million Resident City



    Bay Area Still Without a 1 Million Resident City
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    The race to be the first Bay Area city to hit a million residents is still on.

    And if growth patterns still hold, the Bay Area may be without a mega million city for a decade to come.

    The Census released the results of its 2010 survey and while showing that Latinos and Asians have fueled an increase in the state's population, except maybe in Hillsborough, the study also shows that the Bay Area is without a one million person city.

    Despite a 2008 study by the California Department of Finance, San Jose does not have a million people living within its borders.

    The capital of Silicon Valley checks in as the third most populous city in the state with 945,942 with San Francisco coming in fourth with 805,235 people, according to the Census.

    San Jose is on pace to become the first Bay Area city with a million residents but that may not occur by the time the next Census is done in 2020.

    Over the past 10 years San Jose added 50,999, which is rate of growth of 5.7 percent. At the same rate San Jose would be at 996,941 residents.

    At that rate, San Jose would hit one million residents by 2021. San Francisco would have to wait to hit the milestone since the City is only adding about 2,850 new residents a year.