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Calif. First Lady: Our Dog Better Known Than Me

Governor's wife: Challenge to keep Brown focused



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    Jerry Brown kisses his wife Anne Gust Brown before he is sworn in as the 39th governor of California by California on January 3, 2011

    Gov. Jerry Brown's wife is acknowledging her role in keeping her intellectual but sometimes unfocused husband on track although she says no one really manages Brown.

    As the governor's chief adviser, Anne Gust Brown says she brings a different perspective to Brown, who has spent most of his career in government.

    Brown, who brings decades of experience as a corporate attorney, has kept a low public profile and has rarely given interviews or speeches.

    She addressed a group of professional women on Wednesday in Sacramento.

    She joked that the couple's corgi, Sutter, is better known than she is and said 9 out of 10 people who see her walking him never look up.

    Brown joked that between them, it's hard to get any attention in her household.