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Cam-Pains: Brown Does Pull-Ups, Whitman Releases Jingle

Jerry Brown does best to demonstrate fitness and energy



    Cam-Pains: Brown Does Pull-Ups, Whitman Releases Jingle
    Attorney General Jerry Brown says he's been working out and eating right ahead of his now-official gubernatorial campaign.

    After making his gubernatorial campaign official this week, Attorney General Jerry Brown went on a media blitz, doing extended interviews with the San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times and Calbuzz.

    For the Times interview, held at his campaign headquarters in Oakland, the septugenarian even did ten and a half pull-ups, telling the paper "I've never been fitter," and the Chronicle that he's been "eating my veggies," meanwhile suggesting that he hasn't ruled out promising to be a one-term governor.

    (Or "one more term," since he's already served two terms.)

    All of which was meant to express that, contrary to the impression gleaned from his late entry into a primary that's already seen months of advertising from former eBay CEO Meg Whitman on the Republican side, he's energetic and excited.

    Countering Whitman campaign emails bringing up quotes from his days as Governor Moonbeam in the 1970s, Brown argued that this time both he, and the job, are very different. Brown ticked off a number of "centrist" political ideals, from not monkeying with Proposition 13 to not addressing the failure to raise revenue for the state by legalizing and taxing the multi-billion dollar marijuana crop produced in California.

    As for Whitman, she's back to attacking primary opponent Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner with more accusations of crypto-liberalism. A new jingle, "The Steve Shuffle," set to an old-timey rhythm, compares Poizner to Pelosi.

    And yes, if you find the tune catchy, you can download it as a ringtone.

    Jackson West has to agree with Calbuzz -- it'll be impossible to balance a budget when a one-third minority actually wants to bankrupt the state.