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Carly Fiorina's YouTube Assault Continues

Creator of "Demon Sheep" ad has long history of controversial videos



    Carly Fiorina's YouTube Assault Continues
    Carly Fiorina hopes to move on from the infamous "Demon Sheep" ad.

    The Carly Fiorina for Senate campaign has released a new video, though it's unlikely to cause quite the stir that her new "demon sheep" ad provoked.

    The new video, narrated by the same voice actor, features lots of Fiorina smiling and looking sharp while describing how she worked at a hair salon and dropped out of law school before starting her rise to CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

    The spot highlights Fiorina's accomplishments at Hewlett-Packard, but doesn't bother to mention how disappointing performance after Fiorina's controversial acquisition of Compaq led to the eventual decision by the company's board of directors to fire her.

    True to her claims of fiscal conservatism, though, it's not like the campaign is spending much money on these videos.

    Fred Davis, the campaign media consultant behind the recent "Demon Sheep" advertisement, admits that the sheep costume worn by a member of the video crew "probably cost $200."

    Even cheaper was Assemblyman Chuck DeVore's purchase of the website domain name, where DeVore promises that his campaign "will forever be a demon sheep-free zone."

    Poll front-runner, former Congressman Tom Campbell, used the ad as an excuse to fire off a fundraising letter to supporters, and promised to run a serious campaign.

    Fiorina wasn't all smiles and trim suits this week -- on a Wednesday appearance on KFI's "The John and Ken Show," Fiorina was ambushed by a call from DeVore who suggested that she had reversed an earlier position on the federal bailout of Wall Street banks, and challenged Fiorina to a debate.

    Jackson West would make a great voice-over artist for cheap campaign advertising posted to YouTube.