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Who's Crashing Obama's Tee Party?

Will-he-or-won't-he question of Obama appearance at golf tournament bedevils activists



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    Don't expect Code Pink to ask for a mulligan if President Barack Obama shows up at the President's Cup.

    The Presidents Cup at Harding Park has its share of ugly outfits, but if Obama does show up, there will probably be some pretty in pink.

    The antiwar activists of Berkeley-based Code Pink are at the ready, with San Francisco organizer Rae Abileah telling the SF Weekly "You should be on the lookout on Sunday."

    Yesterday it was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle that the recent Nobel Prize winner was definitely not going to spending a day on the links.

    However, Obama is expected to attend a fundraiser at the St. Francis next week -- and all Code Pink has to do is buy one of the $1,000 tickets.

    What's motivating the activists? While Obama may have won the peace prize based on a scant two weeks in office, he's been bellicose on the Afghanistan question since before his election, promising to escalate the war there.

    And little progress has been made on issues like troop withdrawal from Iraq and the illegal detention and possible torture of foreign national in Guantanamo Bay.

    So don't expect the ladies of Code Pink to shut up and stand down, as much as much as White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel might like them to.

    Jackson West wishes the commander in chief would, you know, use that power to stop our imperialist wars of aggression.