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"Dhaliwal Rule" Would Ban Sleeping With Bears

Legislation would warn zoo visitors against entering animal enclosures



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    Stay behind the chain link fence.

    Remember the Dhaliwal brothers? They were the two young men who survived the tragic tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo two years ago.

    Now the City is set to vote on a measure inspired by the notorious duo -- whose reputations came under scrutiny following the attacks because of their numerous run in with law officials and reports that they taunted the animal before the attack -- and a second man who took a nap in the bear enclosure at the zoo.

    The "Dhaliwal rule" would warn zoo visitors about taunting animals or face a stiff penalty. The Board of Supervisors City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committeewill meet next week to approve the legislation that would add signs over animal exhibits at the zoo and the Golden Gate Park bison warning visitors not to climb into animal enclosures and not to "taunt" and "endanger" wildlife. Violators would face a fine between $500 to $1,000.

    Meanwhile the Dhaliwals walked away with $900,000 from the City.