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FasTrak Set to Get More Private



    FasTrak Set to Get More Private
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    Privacy is not just a concern for Facebook users.

    It turns out some FasTrak customers are worried about the amount of information they are required to fork over to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission before they can get a transponder to bypass cash lanes on Bay Area bridges.

    The commission promises it does not sell user data to third parties but it is still looking into tightening its own record keeping practices.

    The MTC wants to adopt a policy that will start with destroying the personal information of FasTrak users whose accounts have been inactive for four years and six months.

    Further, the commission says it will work to better inform users of their privacy rights and be more alert for security breaches.

    The new policies are expected to be voted on by the Bay Area Toll Authority Board of Directors Wednesday. If passed, the new policies would go into effect next year.